Bendix King, an avionics sub brand of Honeywell, approached INDUSTRY to implement a future facing hardware and software design language. We brought this to life through a series of reference products that bridge physical and digital interactions for the future of flight.

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Untitled-1_0010_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy_0007_Untitled-1_0009_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy.004
Untitled-1_0010_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy_0006_Untitled-1_0008_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy.005
Untitled-1_0010_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy_0005_Untitled-1_0007_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy.006
Untitled-1_0010_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy_0002_Untitled-1_0004_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy.009
Untitled-1_0010_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy_0001_Untitled-1_0003_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy.010
Untitled-1_0010_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy_0003_Untitled-1_0005_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy.008
Untitled-1_0010_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy_0004_Untitled-1_0006_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy.007
Untitled-1_0010_BK_HW_STYLEGUIDE_11102015 copy_0000_Untitled-1_0002_Layer 1


How do we navigate the shift from physical cockpit controls to seamless digital interfaces in an often turbulent environment?


We created a global design language that seamlessly transitioned between the digital and physical worlds. We designed key hand-anchoring features to drastically improve the control of contextual digital interfaces during flight turbulence. We elevated Bendix King’s presence as a trusted avionics pioneer with iconic design to create modern heritage.


Global Design Language



Global Design Strategy

Consumer Profile Strategy

Software Design Language Document

Hardware Design Language Document

Reference Design applications –  Product reference design, 3D modeling, Renderings

The first of these products to come to market include the xVue touch which recently won the 2018 Good Design Award in the Transportation category.



Honeywell Aerospace Design Team

Bendix King Design Team