Hip Hop Then and Now


Hip hop is a culture that comes from the hardships of the 1970s South Bronx to become the country’s most popular genre. Once considered a fad, is now in the spotlight, bringing its culture with it. In 2017, the media is playing a bigger part in the popularity of hip hop than ever before.

Music has become more discoverable, bringing underground artists into mainstream culture. Artists now have more room to spend the time to focus on the quality of an album as a whole rather than producing quick radio hits. Streaming will allow this trend to continue for years to come.

Hip hop is finally stepping out of the dark times of mainstream early 2000s hip hop and getting back to its roots.  In the future, artists will continue to pay more attention to quality and innovation and spending time to find their own sound and style. Women and politics will make a bigger impact in the industry than ever before.